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Over The Counter Drugs

This service can be found at many regular pharmacies around the nation. One of the advantages of using a local pharmacy is that the proprietor is more likely to be familiar with his or her clients, which can make it easier to deliver the personalized service demanded by compounding pharmacy.

We also offer other pharmaceutical services in our pharmacy. We have natural vitamins as well as prescription consultation for those wishing to know what prescription may work best for them. We are a pharmacy that is dedicated to customer satisfaction and try to make your visits as painless as possible. We make our services convenient and are here for all of your questions.

Residents of Flushing, NY, who are in need of compounding pharmacy should visit 37th Ave Pharmacy Inc. This will give them the highest quality pharmaceutical services while obtaining the necessary medicine they need for a healthy lifestyle. Visit or contact 37th Ave Pharmacy Inc at (718) 424-8684 for great online pharmacy services.